Medium: Giclee on canvas

Width, inches: 18

Height, inches: 30

A digital amalgamation of three of the artists original artworks printed on canvas.

The motifs for all three were inspired from classical Indian mythology.

’THE DANCE OF ILLUSION’’ is inspired by SHIVA….one of the trinity of Indian gods. Shiva is the Destroyer & the Creator. Without destruction there is no creation. His Cosmic dance of Creation dispels illusion.In this form he is known as the Nataraja. The iconic Indian sculptural image.

’THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT’ celebrates ‘DIWALI’ . The most beautiful of festivals!It is celebrated by Indians everywhere.Sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains & Sikhs. It symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. During the festival all homes are decorated with lights and colorful art circle patterns called rangolis. Truly one of the most colorful and beautiful of all festivals. Once experienced, never forgotten!’

‘THE PRESERVERS FOOT’ represents VISHNU. (The Preserver) Along with SHIVA & BRAHMA they form the TRINITY. This piece is the artists interpretation of the Creation of the Universe in Indian mythology by BRAHMA & VISHNU.

As Vishnu sleeps on the Universal Ocean, from his navel springs a lotus, on which BRAHMA creates the universe.

Creation is symbolized by the BRAHMANANDA..the Cosmic Egg of Creation.

Vishnu by his iconic identifiers of the Conch, the Discus & the Mace.

The Conch shell is spiral and symbolizes all of the interconnections of a spiraling cyclic existence.

The digital amalgamation of these three artworks was made possible with the collaboration of fellow artist & digital maestro Anthony Dungan.

A limited edition of 20 on archival canvas.

Each has been made into an ‘original’ by the artist using the print as a background/canvas for an original individual drawing with a paint pen.

A digital ‘original’