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Hopewell Hand

Medium: Hardboard cutout mounted on foam board with burlap. Marker. Pen and ink.

Width, inches: 27

Height, inches: 44

2019-2020 Collage.

An admixture of ancient cultural symbols from India and Native American art.

Hardboard cutout mounted on foam board with burlap. Marker, pen & ink.

Image derived from a mica artifact of the Hopewell American Woodland indigenous peoples, (approximately 200 BCE-400 CE) from the Ohio area. It may convey the authority of one who creates, ordains, blesses or destroys. The image also reminds the artist of the Indian ‘Abhaya mudra (hand gesture) that symbolizes compassion, fearlessness & protection. The gold leaf drawings within the hand are very Indian. The circular pattern cutout in the palm represent a bird’s claw in the Hopewell culture. In my eyes it represents the infinite.

The artists hand is imprinted in the background. 

Price on request